Best Islamic Names For Boys (2023)

1. BABY NAMES | BOYS - Islamic Relief USA

  • BABY NAMES | BOYS ; ZAHID. MEANING: devoted to God. ORIGIN: Arabic. ZEESHAN ; ZAIN. MEANING: handsome, beautiful. ORIGIN: Arabic. ZOHAIB ; ZAYAN. MEANING: ...

  • Find unique and beautiful muslim baby boy names with their meanings. We have list of best islamic names for boys.

2. 100 Popular Muslim Boy Names (For Devoted Little Boys)

  • Aug 13, 2023 · Aziz is one of the 99 names for Muhammad in the Quran. It comes from the Arabic “azza,” meaning “to be cherished.” Aziz also means “beloved” and ...

  • Check out our clear guide ahead, honoring the rich tradition of Muslim boy names, from the kingly to the religious and unusual.

3. Popular Muslim Boy Names -

  • The latest popular and Modern Names include Zayan, Salman, Shahzain, Ali, Zain. The top 3 popular trending boy names meanings are as follows: Zayan ...

  • Popular Muslim Boy Names – A list of Modern Muslim Boy Names with meanings will help you choose unique & Popular Muslim Boy names for your new born baby.

4. Modern Muslim Boy Names (228 Unique Name Ideas) - My Islam

  • Muslim boy names starting with A ; Ashaar, أَشْعَر, Fierce like a lion. ; Ahsan, أَحْسَن, the most beautiful or handsome ; Ali, عليّ, Lofty, sublime, noble, superb.

  • Gain inspiration and pick the perfect modern Muslim baby boy name. We have a list of 228 unqiue names that we believe you'll love.

5. Muslim popular boy baby names - Prokerala

  • Muslim Boy Names, Popular Islamic Boy Names · 1. Aabid · 2. Abdul · 3. Anum · 4. Asim · 5. Atqa · 6. Aynan · 1. Bajes · 2. Baleegh

  • Popular, special, boy baby names from the Quran

6. Muslim Boys Names - Islamic Resources | Islamic Relief UK

  • Find the right Muslim name for your baby boy ; 4, Zakariya ; 5, Ibrahim ; 6, Ali ; 7, Bilal.

  • One of the most difficult decisions parents' face is choosing a name for their child. Look through hundreds of Muslim names for baby boys.

7. Top 100 Modern, Unique and Latest Muslim Baby Boy Names

  • Rashid is a traditional baby boy name which is very popular in Muslim community. The meaning of this name is rightly guided or having the true faith. 78. Rashad.

  • Are you searching for a good name for a little bundle of joy? Find top 100 modern, unique and latest Muslim baby boy names right here.

8. Popular Muslim Boys Names With Their Meaning - UrduPoint

  • Most of the Muslim boys names are attractive. In the list of attractive Islamic names for baby boys, there are Muhammad, Ahmad, Ali, Hassan, Hussain, etc.

  • Are you looking for Popular Muslim Boys Names? Here you can find the most famous and Popular Muslim Islamic Baby Boys Names on UrduPoint.

9. 3825 Muslim Baby Boy Names with Meanings | FirstCry Parenting

  • Muslim Baby Boy Names · Shayan. Intelligent, Courteous, A person who is worthy and deserves good things in life · Taimur. Brave strong, A famous king, Iron, Iron, ...

  • Looking for Muslim names for your baby boy? Check out here to get the 3825 modern, unique and latest Baby Boy names with meaning at FirstCry Parenting.

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