Top 10 Sabrina Carpenter Songs (2023)

Top 10 Sabrina Carpenter Songs (1)

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Our Top 10 Sabrina Carpenter Songs list will look at a talented singer, songwriter and actress. Fans may recognize her from her role in Girl Meets World. She made her singing debut while she was on the show. She has released multiple albums since her debut. Her albums have appeared on Billboard 200. Most of her singles have appeared on the pop and dance charts. She had a sellout tour when she released her sophomore album Evolution. Sabrina Carpenter has headlined and appeared on numerous tours and concerts. Sabrina Carpenter was able to transition from actress to singer. Some actresses can’t make the transition and have a music career. Sabrina Carpenter was able to do both.

Sabrina Carpenter was born on May 11, 1999. She posted videos of her singing on YouTube when she was 10. Her father built a recording studio to help her pursue her music career. She placed third in a singing contest run by Miley Cyrus. She started in the business by becoming an actress. She appeared in Law & Order: SVU. She appeared at a music festival where she performed “Something’s Got a Hold on Me.” In 2012, she had a recurring role on The Goodwin Games. She appeared in the movie Horns in 2013. She recorded a song for a Disney album called Smile in 2013. The song charted on Radio Disney. In 2013, she got her big break when she was cast on Girl Meets World. The roles didn’t stop there. She would go on to star in other roles throughout her career. While Sabrina Carpenter was acting, she was bitten by the music bug.

Eyes Wide Open was released in April 2015. The album peaked at number 43 on Billboard 200. The album features the singles “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying,” “Will Be the Stars,” “Eyes Wide Open” and “In the Middle of Starting Over.” Evolution was released in October 2016. The album peaked at number 28 on Billboard 200. The album features the singles “On Purpose,” “Thumbs,” “All We Have Is Love” and “No Words.” Singular: Act I was released in November 2018. The album peaked at number 103 on Billboard 200. The album features the singles “Almost Love,” “Sue Me,” “Paris” and “Alien.” Singular: Act II was released in July 2019. The album peaked at number 138 on Billboard 200. The album features the singles “Pushing 20,” “Exhale” and “In My Bed.” Emails I Can’t Send was released in July 2022. The album peaked at number 23 on Billboard 200. The album features the singles “Nonsense,” “Fast Times,” “Skinny Dipping” and “Vicious.”

Sabrina Carpenter is a talented singer and actress. She is a multi-threat because she can act, sing, dance and write. There aren’t too many actresses who can be taken seriously as singers, but Sabrina Carpenter overcame that obstacle. She may not be the biggest name in music but she is a talented singer on the rise who is destined to be a bigger star. She has a beautiful voice that she can control. She is an underrated singer who deserves more attention than she gets. Our Top 10 Sabrina Carpenter Songs list will give us a chance to appreciate the underrated singer and her amazing songs.

# 10 – Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying

The 10th song on our Top 10 Sabrina Carpenter Songs list is “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying” from the Eyes Wide Open album. “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying” was released in March 2014. This is Sabrina Carpenter’s debut single. This song tells the story about what happens during a teenage romance. She talks about this issue from a female’s point of view. She realizes what she should have done in the relationship. She blamed her youth for her mistakes. She knows she does stupid things when it concerns love.

The narrator took risks in the relationship even if it meant she ended up in tears. She talks about what she could have done differently to make the relationship work. She believes she is her own worst enemy when it comes to relationships. She was ready to give up on love when another guy came along. She believes she will mess up again. She hopes she can get it right someday.

This song is something most people have experienced when they first fell in love. People make mistakes because they are too young to know any better. We have all been in Sabrina Carpenter’s position where you say or do the wrong thing in relationships. The lyrics to the song are age appropriate for Sabrina Carpenter. She didn’t sing a song that was too grown up for her. She sang about something she would know about. Here is some trivia about the song.

This song was originally recorded by Meghan Trainor. She recorded the demo for the song, but it was given to Sabrina Carpenter. It was a wise choice because Sabrina Carpenter was the right fit for the song. This song will have you nodding along in agreement as she talks about the mistakes she made in her relationship. She has a pretty voice and it works with the acoustic guitar. She was only a teenager in this song and she showed how much talent she has. Sabrina Carpenter takes risks vocally throughout the song. She performs runs and sings in falsetto. Her voice doesn’t crack while she sings in a higher key.

# 9 – Hands – Mike Perry ft. The Vamps and Sabrina Carpenter

The ninth song on our Top 10 Sabrina Carpenter Songs list is “Hands” from The Vamps’ Night & Day. “Night & Day” was released in May 2017. The fun song is about thinking about the person you want to be intimate with. They talk about the things they want to do to each other. The song is told from both points of view. He talks about her putting her hands on him. He wants to set the mood right for an intimate evening. He has been thinking about being with her. He wants to be with her all night. She doesn’t want to waste time talking either. She wants to get the night started. She is attracted to him and wants to feel his lips on her. The narrators don’t want to talk because it is a waste of time. They want to get intimate.

This song is more mature than our previous entry by the singer. She is talking about a grown-up subject matter. She wants to take things to the next level with a guy she is interested in. Sabrina Carpenter shows she can handle a grown-up subject. The music will put a smile on your face. The music has a tropical pop beat. This is something you can hear on the beach during the summer. The Vamps’ Brad Simpson and Sabrina Carpenter voices blend well together. They have vocal chemistry with each other. They are each given room to shine, which they both do. The only minor complaint about the song is the length. The song is short. Just when you are getting into the song, it is over. Other than that minor complaint, the song is enjoyable.

# 8 – Why

The eighth pick on our Top 10 Sabrina Carpenter Songs list is “Why” from the Singular: Act I album. “Why” was released in July 2017. This is a song about opposites attracting. The narrator talks about a relationship that she has with someone who is different from her. They may be different from each other, but they are made for each other. She explains the ways they are different from each other. They don’t ask each other to change. They accept their differences. They are not alike but they manage to work well together. They don’t understand how their relationship works when they are so different. The only thing that matters is their love for each other.

This song is reminiscent of Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract.” This song will show you that couples who are different can work it out. This song is relatable to couples who are different from each other. It gives you hope that your relationship can work despite your differences. “Why” isn’t your typical love song. This one focuses on the fact that a couple is different from each other. In most love songs couples are fated to be together. They don’t usually talk about not having anything in common with each other. Sabrina Carpenter’s songs cover things that could happen in real life and not just fairy tales.

This is a realistic take on an imperfect relationship. The music has a catchy pop beat that you can hear on pop radio. Sabrina Carpenter sounds like Ariana Grande on this track. She sings this in her lower register which works with the music. She uses a double in the pre-chorus that adds something special to the song. You will have this song on repeat.

# 7 – On My Way – Alan Walker ft. Sabrina Carpenter and Farruko

The seventh song on our list is “On My Way” from Alan Walker’s World of Walker album. “On My Way” was released in March 2019. This song tells the story of a couple who break up with each other. They still have feelings for each other, but they must go their own way because the relationship didn’t work out. She talks about how she wants to be alone. It is a hard time for her and she doesn’t want people to see her when she reacts to being alone.

She wants to cry alone because no one will understand why she is doing it. She realizes once she stops crying she will be back to normal. She realizes that everyone is not going to love her. She talks to her ex-boyfriend on the phone. She wants him to tell her everything he wants to say. She knows that she still has feelings for him but she has to save her sanity by walking away. The male protagonist apologizes to her. He is leaving her because she doesn’t feel anything for him. He asks her not to hang up so he can tell her what’s on his mind. He apologizes to her again for the mistakes he made while they were together. He loves her and he feels that his love for her made him do the things he did to her.

This song discusses the complications of a relationship. It is hard to break up with someone but it is even worse when you still have feelings for the person. This story hints that there was abuse going on in the relationship. It is a subject that isn’t talked about often. Many people have gone through this situation but there has never been a song that targeted what they were going through. This song is told from two different sides. They explain what went wrong in the relationship.

It would have been easy for her to tell her side and leave it at that. He gets the chance to tell his side of the story. The music has a cool vibe that will have you swaying in your seat. Sabrina Carpenter sings this in her upper register. She is channeling her inner Ariana Grande. She sings this song with the emotion needed to convey her message. She sings this as if it means something to her. Farruko has a good voice. He sings the song with passion. He has a sexy voice that you can listen to over and over. They do a great job with each other.

# 6 – Nonsense

“Nonsense” is from the Emails I Can’t Send album. “Nonsense” was released in November 2022. This song is about a girl who can’t seem to get her thoughts together when her crush enters a room. She wants a special place with him. When she is around him, she gets anxious. She can’t control herself whenever her crush is around her. She finds herself speaking “nonsense.” The narrator only wants his number in her phone. She talks about how he likes her eyes and he wants to make them roll in her head. He treats her like a queen. She doesn’t want to be with anyone else but him. She gets a knot in her stomach whenever he walks in a room.

This song describes how most people feel when they see someone they are attracted to. They find themselves not knowing what to say when they see the person. They find themselves talking “nonsense.” She finds it difficult to be around him in the song. When she is not around him she is fine, but her stomach turns into knots when he is around. How many of you have been uncomfortable around someone you have a crush on? Do you get butterflies in your stomach when your crush approaches you? If you can answer yes to either question, you know exactly what she means in this song. The music is upbeat and carefree. This song is perfect for the radio. Sabrina Carpenter sings this in her upper and lower register. She also has a double in the chorus. The chorus will stay in your head long after you have heard the song.

# 5 – Skin

The next song on our Top 10 Sabrina Carpenter Songs list is “Skin.” “Skin” is a non-album single. “Skin” was released in January 2021. The song is about a woman who is upset about the guy she is dating. She sings about how things could be different between her and the other girl. She holds the other girl responsible for putting her private life out in public. The rival says that the girl who took her boyfriend is a blonde. The narrator felt the rival was talking about her. She hoped her rival used her hair color in her song because it was the only word she could think of using. She hoped her rival wasn’t trying to drag her. She wants to know why the rival wants to make things worse for everyone involved. She wasn’t happy that everyone knew about their triangle. The narrator is upset that her private business has been revealed to the world. People won’t leave her alone because of it. She puts her rival on notice by letting her know that she won’t let her get to her. She won’t let the rival get under her “skin.”

This song is controversial because people thought this was a diss track to singer Olivia Rodrigo. The two singers had a feud with each other over actor/singer Joshua Bassett. Sarah Carpenter says this song isn’t about what people think it is about. It was not intended to be a diss track. She wanted to express how it feels to have someone put her business out for everyone to know. This is an interesting song that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. It is filled with drama about a love triangle.

The lyrics aren’t just about the drama brewing among the love triangle. It is also about not letting people get under your skin. She talks about people trying to bring you down. She doesn’t want you to allow them to get to you. The music is soft and soothing. It is what you would expect in a song like this. The music will make you feel emotional and will touch your heart. Sabrina Carpenter sounds emotional in this song. She sounds like Ariana Grande throughout the song. She could have belted a little to give the song more power, but she does an excellent job.

# 4 – Alien ft. Jonas Blue

“Alien” is from the album Singular: Act I. “Alien” was released in March 2018. The song is about the feeling you get when you are stuck in your head when it concerns relationships. There are things she wishes she could say to someone she loves. She wants to know what is going on in her boyfriend’s mind. She wants to know if he sees her as a friend. She is feeling paranoid not knowing how he feels about her. She has different thoughts going on in her mind so she wants to know if he is going to be a lover or a friend. The narrator wants to be told if he feels the same way as she does. If he tells her how he feels, they could be together.

This is a song about not being afraid to express your feelings. The only way for a person to know how you feel is to tell them. She doesn’t want either one of them to keep their feelings bottled up because they could be together. This song makes a lot of sense because we get in our own way when it concerns relationships. The music is irresistible. You will be snapping your fingers along to the infectious beat. Sabrina Carpenter’s vocals are beautiful in this track. She sings in her upper and lower register. Her double sings in a higher register. She channels her inner Mariah Carey when she performs runs in the song. She also channels her inner Ariana Grande. This song is excellent for her voice. It allows her to go up and down in octaves.

# 3 – Thumbs

Coming in at number three on our list is “Thumbs” from the Evolution album. “Thumbs” was released in January 2017. This song teaches you to be an individual and not worry about being like everyone else. She doesn’t want people to waste their time or their talent. She talks about what is going on in the world. There are a lot of bad things going on in the world. The narrator doesn’t want people to settle with being mediocre. She feels that everyone can be greater than mediocre. She wants people to step outside of the box and do something different with their life. She doesn’t want people to sit back and let things happen.

This is a social song about what is happening in the world. Sabrina Carpenter explains what is going on in different parts of the world. This song gives Sabrina Carpenter a chance to sing about something other than relationships. It was nice to hear her sing a social song about people not procrastinating in life. She sings the song as if the subject hits home for her. She doesn’t want to be like everyone else. She wants to be an individual and thinks everyone else should be too.

This message will help her listeners develop their own individuality. The lyrics will help teach you to be a leader and not a follower. The song has an incredible dance beat that will reel you in. This music will invite you to the dance floor. Sabrina Carpenter sings this in different octaves. Her vocals change throughout the song. She does this effortlessly without missing a beat. She doesn’t get enough credit for how talented she is.

# 2 – Sue Me

“Sue Me” is from the album Singular: Act I. “Sue Me” was released in November 2018. The song tells the story of a relationship that has gone sour. The narrator talks about being confident now that she’s not with her boyfriend. He broke up with her and told her they wouldn’t get back together. Now that he has realized the mistake he made, he wants to overlook the past. He misses her and the times they had together. She wanted him to know that the breakup was hard for her too.

It was hard for her to act as if nothing happened between them. She was happy that she had him feeling like he wanted to get back together. She doesn’t care that he is miserable without her because she is moving on with her life. He could sue her for being able to move on and be happy without him. He can sue her because he can’t get over her. She won’t bring herself down because he is depressed about the breakup.

This isn’t a normal love song. This song is about being confident in your decision to move on from a relationship. People have second thoughts about breaking up with people, especially when they miss them. She wants to express her happiness about the decision to move on from the relationship. This is the type of song anyone who has moved on from a bad relationship should hear. The lyrics tell you that it’s okay to be happy even if the person who broke your heart is miserable.

Sabrina Carpenter is singing this from a female’s perspective, but guys can get something out of this too. The musical arrangement is very good. It is not cookie cutter pop music. This song showcases how confident she is. She sings this song with sass and attitude. She even belts throughout the song which is impressive. She shows that she has the vocal power to be taken seriously as a singer.

# 1 – Almost Love

The number one song on our Top 10 Sabrina Carpenter Songs list is “Almost Love” from the Singular: Act I. “Almost Love” was released in June 2018. The song tells a story about a casual relationship that she wishes could lead to something more. She talks about how excited she is about their potential relationship. She compares the excitement she is feeling to a show that is about to start. This is how she feels when she is alone with him. She gets the courage to tell him that she wants to be in a real relationship for a little while. She regrets the decision because she wants to be with him for life. She wants him all to herself, but she is afraid it won’t happen because of the type of relationship they have with each other. There are times when she is with him where it feels like it’s real love and not just “almost” love. Their relationship is basically a fling, but she wants more than that.

The song is about what happens when you want more than a casual relationship with someone. If you have ever been in a casual relationship and wanted more than that, you can relate to the lyrics. The music is heart pounding and is something that you would hear in a club. It is also a perfect summer song. Sabrina Carpenter shows her sassy side in this song. She sings the track with a lot of attitude.

She sings in time with the beat. She has great vocal control because she can keep up with the beat changes with ease. Her vocals change throughout the track. She has an amazing vocal talent to be able to change her vocals so easily. She has a good ear for music to know when to switch her vocals up within the track. This underrated song deserves to be heard by a wider audience.

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